Newly Signed Indonesia Distributor

28 July 2016

7FoodPillars is pleased to announce the appointment of PT Elokarsa Utama as distributor for Indonesia territory.

PT Elokarsa Utama was established in 1981 as a private limited company in Jakarta. It has been involving in marketing and distribution of biotechnology, microbiology and life science products to Indonesia science community for over 35 years.

On 26th July 2016, business manager and technical manager of 7FoodPillars visited PT Elokarsa Utama to provide product training and demonstration at Jakarta.

“We would like to thank you 7FoodPillar’s team for organizing this training program. The product demonstration and training materials are useful and effective in enhancing product knowledge of our sales team. Thanks a lot! ” said managing director of PT Elokarsa Utama.

7FoodPillars will be working closely with PT Elokarsa Utama in order to uphold the high standard of service level that 7FoodPillars offers its customers and driving success for both entities.



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